• Bump to Birth - Holistic Remedies for Pregnancy and Natural Childbirth

    Whether you are a new mother experiencing her first pregnancy, or whether you have already been through a pregnancy before but found the overall experience and especially the childbirth, to be unnecessarily painful, this fantastic E-book on holistic remedies for pregnancy and childbirth can be jus the solution you’re looking for. Pregnancy can be the most joyful time of your life as many mothers can attest to and with this E-book; you can ensure that your pregnancy will be a smooth and blissful process for both you and your baby.

    Bump to Birth is an E-book written by a mother who has tried the regular route of hospital medications and prescriptions for her childbirth and has found a better way for dealing with pregnancy and childbirth through holistic therapies. These therapies really do work and have been found to reduce pregnancy aches and pains, relieve morning sickness and even shorten labour!

    You want your pregnancy to be the best experience it can be, and you want the best for your child. Many medicines on the market today are simply not healthy for pregnant mothers, and if you don’t have enough information on what you are passing on to your child through ingesting it, they can cause a lot of unwanted problems and even birth defects!

    While many mothers may want to try the holistic route, it can be difficult to find enough information to feel really comfortable with it and carry you through from the beginning of the process to the end. That’s why this E-book is for you. If you want to try holistic therapies, and you want to go the route of a natural and non-medicated childbirth without the usual medical interventions that hospitals and doctors offer, and then this book is a comprehensive guide that will give you the support and the information you need to take you through the process confidently and blissfully.



    The holistic therapies really work, as is testified by these happy mothers:


    “If you or anyone you know is pregnant, this e-book is a must-have. Knowing the resources are there before you need them will bring such peace of mind, and you’ll have your first course of action – natural action – for those common nagging pregnancy ailments that no one told you about.”  – Margaret Floyd


    “What an amazing book! I tried some remedies from your book for my severe morning sickness, and it worked like magic! It’s been two weeks, and I haven't had any nausea or vomiting. No odour bothers me now, and I am eating everything like before. Your remedies not only cured my morning sickness but also took away that odd metallic taste which was bothering me a lot. It’s a miracle! Thank you so much!”  – Jody


    “What a great resource for pregnancy! This book is jam-packed with tons of natural remedies you can use during pregnancy, with several options for every symptom you can think of. Highly recommended for mothers to be!”  – Elizabeth Walling



    The holistic therapies described in this book will provide solutions to many aches and pains of pregnancy as well as help your labour to be shorter and less painful.



    These therapies are not medically proven, simply written by a mother who has discovered them to really work. While this isn’t a ‘con’, it is something you should be aware of before you make the decision to go this route.



    Bottom Line:

    In conclusion, this E-book is the solution to the needs of mothers everywhere who want the best, natural therapies for themselves and their baby during pregnancy. You can be sure that the remedies described in the book will help you to experience a pregnancy that is smooth and a lot less painful.

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