• Labour Pain Eliminated With Painless Childbirth

    For a long time now, the pain that accompanies childbirth has been an accepted fact. Expecting mothers fear and dread it, and it can really cast a shadow over what is actually an incredibly happy experience. If you are one of those expecting mothers and the fear of the pain of childbirth is looming over you, you’ll be glad to discover that there is a solution. Our minds control our pain, and with self-hypnosis, you can actually experience a pain-free childbirth.

    The Painless Childbirth Program by Mark E. Wilkins Ph.D. is doctor-approved and compatible with all sorts of common birthing techniques, such as Lamaze, the bradley Method and yoga and water births. A large number of doctors have recommended the Painless Childbirth program, noting that it reduces the chance of birth complications, as well as having many other benefits. With a Painless Childbirth, you as the mother can reduce the chance of psychological trauma that can come with the stress and fear of childbirth pains. Studies also show that the children that have been born through the Painless Childbirth program have shown higher IQ’s and less mental or physical problems later on in life.

    At the end of the day, if you are an expecting mother, we don’t need to convince you that you would rather have a Painless Childbirth – that is something anyone would want. You may have your doubts about whether or not the techniques really work - it can seem too good to be true. However, numerous studies regarding hypnosis in childbirth have proven that the mind is more powerful than we realise it is, and we can indeed control how our body feels and reacts to pain. You don’t need to experience painful childbirth anymore.



    If you still have doubts, read on for some testimonials from women who have tried this program:


    “I originally bought this for my daughter who is four months pregnant and did not have a good experience with her first pregnancy. However, a friend of ours was due any day. We listened to this CD a couple of times, and she used these hypnotic methods for Painless Childbirth methods. It really worked for her. When I reminded her of what we had listened to just a day before, you could see her go into a state of relaxation. This CD is so worth much more than being charged. I want to show this CD to our labour and delivery nurses so they can recommend to the patients. I only get to see the patients as they are giving birth and not prior.”


    “I bought this for my daughter in her 3rd trimester of her 1st pregnancy. She loved it! She had her baby natural with no pain meds! She delivered a very precious 7-pound boy on June 2, 2015. From the start of her labour until the baby was born was 4 1/2 hours! It was her first baby too. I was so impressed. I wish this was around when I was pregnant with my kids! She stayed focused and used the methods she was taught in the CD. The nurses were asking her how in the world she was able to do it. She just told them it was the hypnobirthing CD.”



    The Painless Childbirth program comes in MP3 format which is user-friendly and very reasonably priced. It also has a money back guarantee, in the unlikely event that you find it does not work for you.



    So far, customers don’t seem to have mentioned any cons. Everyone who has used it has mentioned that it is incredibly relaxing and has worked for their pregnancy and childbirth.



    Bottom Line:

    In conclusion, the techniques in this program really do work. Purchasing the program is a small price to pay for your peace of mind and Painless Childbirth. It is a decision you will not regret.

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