• The Fit And Healthy Pregnancy Guide

    Pregnancy can do quite a number on your body but what if there was a way that you could get through your pregnancy easier and become healthier in the long run. The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Guide will help you ease the pains and swelling that comes with pregnancy, ease your hormones, so there is less craziness, and can even help you boost your energy levels, which any pregnant woman will tell you is hard to do.

    The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy System is a guide that will help you stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy. This guide includes exercises and stretches that are safe for you and the baby. These exercises do not require any equipment and are designed to help you stay limber and to gain little weight during pregnancy. Their spine causes most of the pain women experience during pregnancy and staying in safe will get rid of 90% of that pain.

    These exercises are also designed to keep all of your joints and ligaments from being sore and stiff. Included in the book is also all of the precautions that you can take to avoid things like morning sickness, stretch marks, high blood pressure, and more. Even a section on a “Baby Blues Remedy” that every mom should know about and that is just a small part of what you will get with this guide.

    You get more than just The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Guide when you order. It also includes Personal Email Coaching, which has all of their personal email addresses and you can ask as many questions as you like during your pregnancy. The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Childbirth Hypnosis Solution CD, this CD can help you have a safer birth without all of the painkillers. The Fit and Healthy “Stress-Free” Hypnosis CD, this CD will help you relax during your delivery and is also helpful for any day you might need to relax. And you also get three bonus gifts, Comprehensive Two Week Shopping Lists, The Fit and Healthy Recipe Rolodex, and, In the Beginning, book, all for $27.



    “Laura and Michelle have done an excellent job of debunking the myths of pregnancy exercise and nutrition, and putting together a clear plan for any woman who cares about herself and her baby.”  – Eric Serrano, M.D.


    “As an experienced fitness professional, I thought I knew everything about pregnancy exercise and pregnancy nutrition. How wrong I was! The FHP Guide opened my eyes to key changes that made a huge difference in the way I look and feel. Even in the late stages of my pregnancy, I felt functionally strong, in great posture, and without the aches and pains that so many of my pregnant friends think is normal.”  – Sarah Bucher



    You will learn how to be healthy while you are pregnant and how to make your delivery easier.



    This program might not work for everyone, but most that have tried it have seen great success.



    Bottom Line:

    The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Guide is a must have for any woman that wants to look and feel great during and after their pregnancy.

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